Halloween Candy Making Machine

Letting kids turn sticky slime into candy on Halloween night

As a kid, and still now, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. What kid doesn't love dressing up to run around at night collecting pillow cases full of candy. In 2010 our friend Seth came up with the idea to make a "Candy Making Machine" that would turn slime into candy. ... Comments closed

Guess Whom?

A modified version of the children's game "Guess Who," using images of friends

The standard rules of Guess Who? Each player starts the game with a board that includes cartoon images of 24 people and their first names. The game starts with each player selecting a card of their choice from a separate pile of cards containing the same 24 images. The object of ... Comments closed

7 Figures Team Uniforms

Creating a team identity, from concept to production

In 2010, a group of friends of mine started a Mixed Ultimate Disc team in Los Angeles with the goal of being competitive and hard working, while enjoying the time we spent at practices and tournaments together across the country. In ultimate, 7 players from each team are on the ... Comments closed

Our First Year

A year-long project capturing one photo from each day of our first year of marriage

My wife and I were together for 7 years, but 2008 was our first year of marriage. This site is a daily look into our new lives as husband and wife. We were married on April 5, 2008 and everyday for an entire year we took a photo of a ... Comments closed