Febtoberfest 2016


It’s mine birthdaish, and we are kicking off my 34th year Oktoberfest-style… except it’s February. So… FEBTOBERFEST!

We’ll be providing a keg of bier, loads of wurst (that’s German for “sausage” or “fancy hot dog”), pretzels, and other snackin’s. We’ll be spending the day hanging out in the park, eating food, drinking, singing a few German drinking songs, performing feats of strength, doing dumb things, and having a good time.

You should bring a giant f√ľnkin’ stein to drink from. The bigger and more hilarious, the better. If you have fun ideas for additional activities, that would be great. Do you feel inclined to bring more bier? I’m not going to say no. If you have a good German dish that you want to bring, again, if you think it will make the party more fun, go for it! Chairs are also useful if you want to sit down.

Whose Birthday?

Andy BOFA Sammons


Pioneer Park, San Diego
Cross streets of Washington St. and Randolph St.
(It’s legal to drink there)


Saturday, February 20th
Starting at noon until dark

Sorry for the poor written copy here, Mein Deutsch ist schlecht. That being said, this party is going to be the wurst, you guys!

Are you coming? Ja! Nicht? Please RSVP Below


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