Our First Year

A year-long project capturing one photo from each day of our first year of marriage

My wife and I were together for 7 years, but 2008 was our first year of marriage. This site is a daily look into our new lives as husband and wife. We were married on April 5, 2008 and everyday for an entire year we took a photo of a scene, object or event that captures the spirit of our new marriage.

Our First Year Screenshot

The project lasted a year, and every day, we would take a photograph of something that reminded us of our new time together. Often times, the photographs show a specific event that we attended together, or a night where we went out to dinner with our friends. Other times, the photos show us cooking a meal together in the quiet of our home, or eating breakfast together before heading off to work. Even as mundane as some of the activities in a collection of the photos are, I can still remember the moment when the photo was taken, even if it was several years ago at this point.

Looking back at these photos now reminds me of the great times my wife and I had as a newly wed couple. Times have changed. We have moved out of Los Angeles, switched jobs, grown years older, but these photos still feel bring back the memories of that first year.

We have brainstormed ideas for add on topics. We plan to continue the blog once we have our first child, taking a photo each day of our first year as a family. If you have other ideas for a year’s worth of photos, please post them in the comments.